Topy’s Top Seven Songs (Jan. 7, 2011)

My first music chart for the year and second overall will test the artists’ consistency throughout the year. Hopefully, they’ll still be the ones sitting on top. Here’s my Lucky 7 for the week:

Top 7 Western Songs

1. Playing God – Paramore; Last Week’s no. 3

2. Yeah 3X – Chris Brown; Last Week’s no. 1

3. Rocketeer – Far East Movement; LW’s no. 2

4. Tonight – Enrique Iglesias; LW’s no. 6

5. Who Dat Girl – Flo Rida ft. Akon; LW’s no. 4

6. Move Your Body – Nelly ft. Akon and T-Pain; NEW

7. The Time – The Black Eyed Peas; NEW


Top 7 K-pop Songs

1. A~ing!<3 – Orange Caramel; LW’s no. 2

2. Jumping – KARA; LW’s no. 1

3. High High – GD&TOP; LW’s no. 6

4. Why Are You Being Like This/ Yayaya/ I Go Crazy Because of You; LW’s no. 4*

5. Prayer/Connection/Superstar – Taeyang; LW’s no. 5*

6. Hoot – Girls’ Generation; LW’s no. 3

7. Only Look at Me/Wedding Dress/Where U At/I Need A Girl/I’ll Be There – Taeyang; LW’s no. 7*

*Multiple songs are at a single spot

Stay tuned for next week!


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