US Box Office Predictions for Jan. 14-17, 2011

It’s entry number 2 for my Box-Office Predictions. As you may have known, I’ve been participating in Box-Office Mojo’s Derby for a while now, and last week I managed to break into the Top 200 in the World! Though I’ve been number 9 before. 🙂

Here’s The Lucky 7: (P.S. I’m following the 4-day weekend)

1.) The Green Hornet – $35.4M – This week will probably be one of the best January weekends ever after a slow start for 2011 (It’s 50% behind 2010’s pace right now). All thanks to the 3D-converted Green Hornet. I despise 3D that isn’t used too well, some say this is one of them. Our malls show all 3D movies in 3D in its first weekend, so I guess I’ll have to wait for another week if ever I have the time.

2.) The Dillema – $32.1M – This movie is a tough call. I could be very bullish about this prediction, although we shouldn’t forget what happened to Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2 years ago. This also stars Kevin James. Plus, it has Winona Ryder and Kevin Bacon, so I guess people will watch it before they realize it’s horrible.

3.) True Grit – $13.9M – True Grit stole the top spot last week and has grossed over $113M domestically. That’s amazing! This week it tries to pass Slumdog Millionaire as the highest grossing potential Oscar nominee that isn’t Avatar. (and it will have a small drop)

4.) Little Fockers – $11.7M – True Grit should win the weekend against Little Fockers, meaning they’re now 2-2 in their ongoing battle. Let’s see if Fockers could retain their lead in total grosses. Fockers stands at $126M, and will end its run as the lowest grosser among the franchise.

5.) Black Swan – $10.8M – Expanding to more theaters, Black Swan attempts to grab the attention of Oscar voters. It could also pass $100M.

6.) The King’s Speech – $8.3M – Four potential Oscar nominees should in the top 10 this week. This is one of them.

7.) Tron Legacy – $8.0 – This should drop a little more because The Green Hornet’s gonna steal its 3D and IMAX theaters. Legacy will pass $150M and will have a potential sequel which is now being written

8.) Season Of The Witch – $6.6M – This could go lower, because by now people would have realized how hideous it was. 4% on RottenTomatoes, it’s just the start of 2011 but I think this could already be the worst movie of they year.

9.) The Fighter – $6.5M – Christian Bale lost a lot of weight for this movie. A LOT. This only shows his dedication to win a Best Actor award. Then he’ll work out twice as much to reprise his role as Batman in 2012 in The Dark Knight Rises

10.) Country Strong – $6.0M – My favorite movie critic claimed that this movie was a wreck with pretty catchy tunes. That wouldn’t be what Gwyneth Paltrow wanted, right? Oh well, at least she’ll be back on Glee soon.

Stay Tuned for the Results!

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