Box Office Results Jan. 14-16, 2011

2011 is off to an incredibly slow start as this weekend looks to be 15% lower than last year’s attendance. Last year, Avatar dominated with $50M in its fourth week in theaters. No film has ever made that mark in the last 3 months. Let’s break down this weekend!

1.) The Green Hornet – I was right to put this picture ahead of the others. The Green Hornet meets the lower-end of Sony Pictures expectations; and it’s also the second biggest opening for a superhero comedy, beating Kick-ass but trailing The Incredibles. However, I don’t think a sequel would be in the works considering its $120M budget. Ouch!

My Prediction: Rank 1 – $35.4M, Actual Result: $40M , Total Gross: $40M , Week 1

2.) The Dilemma – I knew I was a bit bullish about my prediction, but who would expect this film to underperform after consecutive hits by Kevin James and Vince Vaugn? Universal Pictures keeps on struggling. Uh, oh.

My Prediction: Rank 2 – $32.1M, Actual Result: $21.1M , Total Gross: $21.1M , Week 1

3.) True Grit – After grabbing the top spot last week, it looks like True Grit continues to challenge Little Fockers’ final gross. Let’s hope that it actually gets released in the Philippines!

My Prediction: Rank 3 – $13.9M, Actual Result: $13.1M , Total Gross: $128.3M , Week 4

4.) The King’s Speech – It had a major theater count increase. This week is jam-packed with feature films that makes up for the sloooooooooow weekend. Last year, Sherlock, Alvin and Avatar was on the headlines, not these type of films. Hmmm..

My Prediction: Rank 6 – $8.3M, Actual Result: $11.2M , Total Gross: $46.7M , Week 6

5.) Black Swan – Good news! Black Swan won a Golden Globe! Bad news, it didn’t win best picture. Mila Kunis also lost and it’s still not out in the Philippines. Goodness! I can’t wait for the Natalie Portman-Mila Kunis lesbian scene!

My Prediction: Rank 5 – $10.8M, Actual Result: $10.4M , Total Gross: $75.2M , Week 7

6.) Little Fockers – Ouch! Little Fockers suffered a bigger drop than I expected. Looks like some people have finally realized how bad the film was. The question is, was is really THAT bad?

My Prediction: Rank 4 – $11.7M, Actual Result: $8.4M , Total Gross: $135.5M , Week 4

7.) Yogi Bear – Yogi Bear stole the 7th spot from Tron Legacy on Monday. That sucks. But hey, I’m surprised! This movie opened with $15M, now it’s at $84M and counting!

My Prediction: Not Ranked – $8.2M, Actual Result: $7.4M , Total Gross: $84.2M , Week 5

Well look at that, I’ve managed to get 4 of 7 spots correct! That bad prediction with the Dilemma will hurt a lot in the Derby though. Stay tuned next week!


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