US Box Office Predictions for Jan.21-23, 2011

It’s the third week of 2011 and it still doesn’t look good. 2011 is now trailing 2010’s pace by a staggering 30%, mainly because of Avatar’s 7-week number 1 reign last year. Still, this looks like a typical box-office weekend.

P.S. I actually got Tron Legacy correct last week, so I got 5 out of 7 correct!

Here’s The Lucky 7

1.) No Strings Attached $22.1M – It’s been a while since the last romantic-comedy was out in theaters, and it was a flop (How Do You Know, December). This one has a better chance of banking. Kutcher’s last rom-com, What Happens In Vegas, was mediocre in general, but it managed to breakeven with its budget. This one, also starring Natalie Portman (which is quite rare), will catch attention due to Portman’s appearance in Black Swan, which is a possible Oscar-contender.

2.) The Green Hornet – $19.9M – This could leap to number 1, but I don’t think it has enough fuel left in its tank. The Green Hornet managed to gross $40M last week, so it could reach $20M this week.

3.) The King’s Speech – $9.0M – Propelled by Golden Globe Wins, possible Oscar contenders will receive a slight increase in grosses compared to last week. This one will be the highest, with 1 win from Colin Farell.

4.) The Dilemma – $8.8M – This movie, however, is the exact opposite of number 3. The Dilemma is a sure drop this week, crashing by as much as 60%. I hope it will, so we could see better movies in theaters.

5.) True Grit – $8.6M – This movie is trailing Little Fockers’ gross by $13M, only a few more and we’ll finally see a good movie trumping a horrible one. This will be True Grit’s 5th week inside the top 5.

6.) Black Swan – $7.8M – Natalie Portman will have two movies inside the top 10 today, proving that she could still draw the audience. This year, she’ll have lots in store for us, including the medieval-comedy Your Highness, also starring James Franco and Zooey Deschanel.

7.) The Fighter – $4.7M – The Fighter should edge out Little Fockers this week, and with that the numbers, 3, 5, 6 and 7 for this week are Potential Oscar Winners. woohoo!

Stay Tuned on Wednesday for the results! (sorry, I have an exam!)


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