US Box Office Results Jan 28-30, 2011

Ouch! The Box Office weekend is even worse than I expected. The top 12 stands at a staggering $88M, the lowest record since September 2010! Oh well, at least I got most of it right, except the Oscar Nominees who received bumps this week.

1.) The Rite – I absolutely know nothing about this movie. I don’t have plans to watch it, and I don’t care how much it earns. Another winner among the pile of garbage studios show on January.

Predicted Outcome: Rank 1, $16M

Actual Gross: $15M

Total Gross: $15M

2.) No Strings Attached – It dropped only 30% this week. Impressive, but not that much considering it has no competition and it open at the sub-$20M range. Damn, I had it at number 3

Predicted Outcome: Rank 3, $11.3M

Actual Gross: $13.7M

Total Gross: $39.7M

3.) The Mechanic – It’s in a photo finish against the number four movie. I was wrong last week, it seems that CBS Films WILL continue their streak of box office busts. I just found out that this movie cost $40M to make, with $5M paid to acquire the movie. That sucks…

Predicted Outcome: Rank 2, $13.6M

Actual Gross: $11.5M

Total Gross: $11.5M

4.) The Green Hornet – It now stands at $78M on a production budget of $120M. They better do well overseas if they want to break even on their costs.

Predicted Outcome: Rank 4, $10.1M

Actual Gross: $11.5M

Total Gross: $78.8M

5.) The King’s Speech – After receiving 12 nominations in the Oscars, The King’s Speech enjoys a 41% increase over the weekend. It was expected to earn $9M, but Saturday screenings gave a little more for the movie. Good for them

Predicted Outcome: Rank 5, $7.6M

Actual Gross: $11.1M

Total Gross: $72.2M

6.) True Grit – This movie dropped the most among the nominees, and their chances in winning the Oscars are slowly fading….fadin’…fade….f…

Predicted Outcome: Rank 6, $6.9M

Actual Gross: $7.6M

Total Gross: $148.4M

7.) The Dilemma – This undeserving movie outgrossed Black Swan this week, proving that even after 3 weeks, viewers still don’t understand that this movie is garbage…tsk…

Predicted Outcome: UNRANKED

Actual Gross: $5.4M

Total Gross: $40.6M


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