US Box Office Predictions for Feb. 4-6, 2011

After a month of horrible movies, it’s still the same. This week could even turn out to be the lowest grossing weekend for the month of February in a decade. Good thing 5 big movies will try to save the year next week! But for now, here’s my prediction:

1.) Sanctum – $15.0M – For the second week in a row, the expected number 1 film will be a film that no one has even heard of until now. I checked earlier and surprise, surprise… I don’t know a single actor in this movie. James Cameron produced this one, so, uh…expect this to be in 3D. And since no one wants to buy a 3D ticket with no buzz, it will HURT its tally, but not enough. Sigh…3D, you’re too expensive.

2.) The Roommate – $10.0M – Starring Leighton Meester, Minka Kelly, and Daneel Harris. I’m gonna have to catch this movie sometime. 3 hot girls in 1 movie! Unfortunately, the Thriller/Horror genre has already been taken by the The Rite and Sanctum, so I could only see this one earn 2/3 of Jennifer’s Body. If only Megan Fox was here…

3.) The King’s Speech – $9.5M – After a 41% increase last week, The King’s speech will enjoy it’s highest position in the movie charts after 10 weeks of release. But I hope The Social Network wins at the Oscars

4.) No String’s Attached – $9.0M – There are some movies that benefit from being released during the dumpsite of January, one of those is this movie. After three weeks, it still has no competition. Although I don’t see it getting any traction on Valentine’s. There’s Just Go With It, Justin Bieber, The Eagle, Cedar Rapids, and Gnomeo And Juliet for next week. So after this week, this movie will DIE!!

5.) The Green Hornet – $8.0M – It’s having a pretty modest run so far, although it still hasn’t grossed $100M domestically. I just hope they still have enough gas to propel themselves above this movie’s budget.

6.) The Rite – $7.2M – The Rite will probably drop by 50% this week. As a consequence, it will also drop by 5 spots. Nice try, Anthony Hopkins

7.) The Mechanic – $5.7M – Crank, Transporter, Death Race, is there any movie starring Jason Statham that has no reference to cars, machines, or death?
Stay tuned next week for the results.


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