US Box Office Predictions for Feb. 11-13, 2011

After 5 weeks of garbage, we finally find ourselves going to positive territory as 4 new films are slated to be released for the Valentine’s weekend! Although the weekend would probably pale in comparison to last year, when Valentine’s Day, Percy Jackson and The Wolfman sent moviegoers in droves, it will still receive a very significant bump from last year. Expect this one to be one of the highest grossing weekends of 2011.

Here’s my Lucky 7:

1.) Just Go With It – $34.2M – I predict this one will be the biggest opening weekend for the first two months of February. Early reviews have panned this one, but I think people are still interested enough to watch the movie over the love-filled weekend. I could go wrong however, as Adam and Jen have been lackluster or at best a “hit and miss” over the past year.

2.) Justin Bieber: Never Say Never – $30.0M – Indeed, it’s the Bieber fever. The best comparison I could think of is Hannah Montana. I don’t know if tweens would want to watch this one, but if it’s showing in more than 2000 theaters, JB could add another number 1 hit to his record.

3.) Gnomeo and Juliet – $12.5M – An ambitious twist to the classic romantic tale of Romeo and Juliet, this movie could go even lower. My prediction is a bit bullish in my opinion. Why? First off, Romeo and Juliet isn’t something kids would want to watch. If it’s an animated movie and kids are uninterested, then who would watch it? 1.5 million people I guess.

4.) The Eagle – $11.0M – This one I hope I could raise even higher. Starring Jamie Bell and Channing Tatum, this twice-delayed movie is said to be a generic periodical film. The genre could appeal to the men, and at the same time the women may be attracted to the main characters. What the film lacks though, is theater count. Unfortunately, this isn’t the moviegoers’ first choice this weekend, and that’s gonna hurt.

5.) The Roommate – $7.2M – For the second week in a row, the previous number one will crash and burn. If the Eagle can attract the gay community, I guess The Roommate will be the choice of the lesbians? I don’t know, but one thing’s for sure, I’ll have to catch this movie.

6.) No Strings Attached – $6.0M – This movie is actually at the right schedule for release. It reached number one among the trashy movies of January, it stayed at the top five for 4 weeks, and it’s poised to drop a little lower than usual this week thanks to Valentines. Good job for the studio!

7.) The King’s Speech – $5.9M – This could swap places with No Strings, but I hope it won’t. For once, I wish I could get all the seven positions right. Please, oh please…


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