205th Movie Review: 3 Idiots

A major Bollywood film that offers enough quips and moral lessons

Running at an outrageous 164 minutes, 3 Idiots is considered as one of the biggest films released in India last year. However, in other countries, it’s considered a flop. (some didn’t even show it in theaters). Nevertheless, piracy has allowed a select few to watch this movie. And as one of those few, I could say that this movie is a success, regardless of what it’s box office gross is.

Aamir Khan is a familiar name, I don’t remember who he is, but in one film alone he has convinced me that he’s good. I mean, how could you look so young at the age of 45? Khan (Rancho), together with the two idiots Raji, and Fahman, embark on a long journey, one that is worthy of being remembered.

The movie is typically “Bollywood” themed, and that made the whole movie a bit more fun, but cheesy nonetheless. This is a type of movie where you’ll either laugh out loud or be annoyed. For me it’s more of the former than the latter, but it has some of the latter in some parts. But hey, it’s only normal to have a few bad parts in a long movie.

3 Idiots is not perfect, but it’s not your average film either. It stands out from other foreign films, and that is both in a positive or negative light. If you have the time to endure a long movie, or if you want a unique film that could bring you enough gags but at the same time teach you important life lessons along the way, then 3 Idiots is a perfect movie for you.



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