208th Movie Review: The Notebook (Valentine’s Day Special)

Realistic, dull, and boring

There are lots of good and bad things about this movie. First off, Rachel McAdams and Ryan Gosling had the  chemistry (which turned out to be the same in real life). Next, most people who have read the book claim that it didn’t ruin the original story.

However, as I was watching this movie on Valentine’s Day, I couldn’t help but be bored. Maybe it’s because I’m not in love as of now, but I just wasn’t moved to tears. I didn’t care about what would happen to the both of them, even if the two main leads tried their best. The problem I had was that it was too slow. I had to do the usual x1.2 on my VLC Player to endure some gloomy parts.

I’ll give props to some great scenes, though. Whether it was Gosling jumping to one of the seats of the Ferris wheel or kissing in the rain, some parts where memorable enough to keep me watching the film.

As for other issues, I didn’t like the sequence of the storytelling. Unless you read the book, you wouldn’t have known that the old man and woman reading the book was them. When they made it obvious about 3/5 into the movie, I couldn’t help but scratch my head. Tskx3

Overall, The Notebook is a movie that people will either love, hate, hate to love, or love to hate. For me, it was disappointing. I can’t say it was bad, but I don’t know if it was good either. The only things I know, is that it had two solid leads and a great plot, but awful direction and screenplay dragged the movie down.



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