Box Office Predictions for March 4-6, 2011

Yey! I get a free win for the week! Thanks to Rango, my streak of predicting the number one spot correctly climbs to 2! Four new releases this weekend, Rango can go from as low as $20M to as high as $70M, and three other movies aren’t exactly sure hits (one has a chance, one is destined for decent or par success and one is bound to fail)

Last Week’s World Box Office Mojo Derby Rank: 200th

1.) Rango – $50.0M – Johnny Depp, March and Animation, what do these things have in common? Money. Last year, a film called Alice In Wonderland stormed the theaters with a $100+M opening. This year, Johnny Depp is back after a while, but I’m not sure if the western genre can attract the crowd (excluding True Grit, which earned a zillion times more than its budget), and I’m not so sure if the movie is suitable for kids, which can hurt its legs throughout its run.

2.) The Adjustment Bureau – $23.5M – Starring Matt Damon and Emily Blunt, early reviews say it’s good enough, but the only drawbacks of this movie is that it was delayed by months and Matt Damon’s last four movies ended its runs by $30M plus or minus.

3.) The King’s Speech – $10.0M – For one week only, this movie will enjoy a huge rise in ticket sales, and it’s all thanks to their Best Picture win at the Oscars and 4 other awards. Personally, I think The Social Network should’ve won, but I haven’t watched this film yet, so wait for my final judgment. And besides, I never get Best Picture correct.

4.) Beastly – $9.0M – This movie was also delayed. It stars Vanessa Hudgens and Alex Pettyfer, two young actors that haven’t proved they are big draws yet. If this fails, Alex Pettyfer will have two movies that failed to deliver within a month, and V-Hud won’t receive any good offers like Sucker Punch anytime soon.

5.) Gnomeo And Juliet – $8.0M – Like I said, after three weeks of good performances, Gnomeo and Juliet will slow down and cool off because of Rango. If it still has some gas left in its tank, it could be the first movie this year to reach $100M, since Just Go With It and The Green Hornet have already lost momentum.

6.) Hall Pass – $7.3M – I was supposed to lower this to $6.3M, but I was too late to edit my entry at the derby. Usually, when a comedy underperforms on its first week, it’s set to bomb on the subsequent days. Too bad

7.) Unknown – $7.2M – Here’s hoping I could actually get all seven movies right! Hey! Did you watch AMERICAN IDOL for the past three days? Who’s your favorite? JACOB LUSK, SCOTTY MCREERY and CASEY ABRAMS for ME!


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