Box Office Predictions for March 11-13, 2011 (edited with title)

It seems I saved this without a title, sorry about that.
This week, I’m hoping to nail the number one spot for the third straight time. I hope people are hungry for some non-emotional over-the top movie. With three new decent-looking movies, this week could actually beat the same week last year! Let’s break it down!
Last Week’s World Box Office Mojo Derby Rank: 334th
Battle: Los Angeles

1.) BATTLE: LOS ANGELES – $30.0M – You saw my bullish prediction for Rango last week, right? Well, this week I’ll try to be a little conservative. This movie, according to reviews, is nothing but a plot-less, lifeless, action-packed, game-like “War of The Worlds” set in L.A. Due to lack of competition, this could earn even double my prediction. But I don’t think that will happen, as Sucker Punch is still coming out in March.

2.) RANGO – $23.0M – I’m guessing people are still interested to catch this one in theaters. It may have discouraged parents watching this with the kids due to it’s adult-themed story, but hey, good animation always have good legs.

3.) MARS NEEDS MOMS – $16.5M – I’m not all that optimistic with the new releases this week. Actually, the number four movie should have been third, but I’ll discuss that later. This movie could have been a goner if not for its decent theater count. No one really has the urge to watch this, but if the parents need an animated movie for the family other than Rango, they’d pick this (or Gnomeo and Juliet).

4.) RED RIDING HOOD – $16.0M – A lot of people are predicting that this movie will crack $20.0M, but after I Am Number Four failed to deliver the same success of the Twilight series, I doubt people are ready for another vampire/cult-themed movie. To add insult to injury, it has a horrible 8% rating on RottenTomatoes. And if that’s not enough, Amanda Seyfried is the main actress. Yikes! It’s a horror movie targeted to the teens, WOW. Bad idea. I just hope the budget is low.

5.) THE ADJUSTMENT BUREAU – $13.0M – Thanks to the solid performances and chemistry of the main actors, this movie should have a decent hold. Matt Damon should be happy now that his streak of low-grossing movies is over.

6.) HALL PASS – $6.0M – Now we go to the bottom half of the top 7, where the difference between the 5th and 6th movie is more than 50%. Hall Pass was made under an incredibly low budget, so I guess even though they fell short of expectations, they still earned.

7.) BEASTLY – $5.2M – Rounding off the top 7 is Beastly, which may or may not stay at this position depending on The King’s Speech‘s ability to drop at an incredibly slow pace. I’m not sure if this movie was front-loaded, so it could go way lower than I expected. Gnomeo and Juluet, Beastly and Red Riding Hood, what do these three have in common? They are twists of classic stories. 2011 is sooooo unoriginal.


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