Box Office Predictions For March 25-27, 2011

Forgive me again for being late with my predictions, I had to spend time with my family after having 2 very hard final examinations. Anyway, this week’s top 10 will be interesting. Let’s see if the predicted number 1 movie will go way up or bomb way down.

Last Week’s Worldwide Box Office Mojo Derby Rank: 51st with 87.498% accuracy

1.) SUCKER PUNCH – $25.0M – I’m playing a little safe with this one. Apparently, critics have been murdering this, with an abysmal 22% fresh rating at Rotten Tomatoes. That’s 60% lower than Avatar (James Cameron), and both have similar qualities, great visuals, so-so storyline. This could go way above $40M, but whatever happens, this will crash and burn after its opening weekend

2.) DIARY OF A WIMPY KID 2: RODRICK RULES – $20.4M – You know what? This could actually steal the top spot! The only problem is that movies like these tend to lose face when their sequels arrive. Still, I guess more kids will watch this after seeing the first one. But I don’t see it as a movie that is front-loaded.

3.) Limitless – $12.0M – And now we move on to the holdovers. If the bottom 8 hold up well, then I guess this week will have a shot of beating the same weekend last year, when How To Train Your Dragon debuted. This movie will probably garner the most attention among the others, and that’s why it leads the pack

4.) Rango – $10.2M – Congratulations! Rango is set to cross the $100M mark, becoming the first movie of 2011 to reach that mark. If Just Go With It can muster a couple million more, then it’ll be the second movie to reach that mark. It took 3 months for a movie to earn $100M, This year is really off to a bad start

5.) The Lincoln Lawyer – $8.6M – I don’t know how political films end up in their second weekend, but I’m hoping that not everyone watched it on it’s first weekend. They say that the car in the poster was never showed in the movie. Weird. Wanna see it? Check my predictions last week.

6.) Battle: Los Angeles – $7.1M – Clearly, after a 60% drop from it’s first weekend we can conclude that this movie just didn’t deliver story-wise as much as it did effects-wise. That’s probably the worst thing that could happen for the future of Hollywood films

7.) Paul – $6.9M – This will hold on good enough to stay at 7th for the second week. Paul is now the highest-grossing film of a Nick Frost-Simon Pegg movie in the US. Good for you guys!


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