Album Review: Chris Brown – F.A.M.E. (Forgiving all my enemies) [edited]


F.A.M.E. = Forgiving All My Enemies

After surviving the nadir of his young career (Graffiti), Chris Brown is back with another album. His fans are slowly accepting  his music ever since the Rihanna incident. You could tell by checking how his latest songs are doing at the Billboard hot 100. Thanks to his controversial stint in Good Morning America, he just had his first number 1 album of his career. Of course, don’t forget the fact that his album is actually nice.

The album is different and similar at the same time with respect to his other albums. Different because Brown has managed to step out of his comfort zone and experiment on different genres. Nevertheless, you could still feel that the album is typical Chris Brown. Why? Well, because once again his album is a mixture of great, weird, experimental and horrible.

Another issue that became a stopped me from loving the album completely is the noticeable auto-tune. Yeah, not all of the songs here are auto-tuned, but CB can already sing. I just thought that some parts of his songs didn’t need auto-tune.

Best Tracks:

Deuces featuring Tyga and Kevin MC

The first single, Deuces, is the album’s promotional track for a reason. It shows how Chris Brown has evolved. He wants to show the world how much he matured as an artist by doing something different. This song is actually the best one he has made since Forever in my opinion.

Look At Me Now featuring Busta Rhymes and Lil’ Wayne

This one is one of my favorites in the album. Not because it’s a good song per se, in fact, the song is horrible if you take into account the instruments they used in the background (except the sick bass). The thing that wowed me in this song was the speed of their raps, particularly Busta Rhymes. Chris Brown also proved the he could actually rap (which people doubted before).

Yeah 3X

You won’t appreciate the song much if you only listen to it. Check it out on Youtube if you wanna see CB’s sick dance moves. He’s still MJ’s protege if you ask me. The song, well, it’s nice and catchy, but it’s not something I’d like to hear a hundred times a day.

Next To You ft. Justin Bieber

Who would’ve thought hearing Chris Brown and Justin Bieber in a single song? I most certainly didn’t. This one is a special surprise. Not only did they blend well, both of them actually sounded great, even Bieber! This puppy-love inspired single will help CB reach out to the teens.

She Ain’t You

This special tribute to Michael Jackson includes an intro from his song “Human Nature”. Chris Brown might have worked extra hard on this song because it has the same energy that MJ had with his song.

Should’ve Kissed You

Should’ve kissed you is almost like the continuation of She Ain’t You. This song is among the few tracks in this album that truly showed his singing abilities. This also had a great chorus and an awesome bridge

Champion (bonus track)

The last song in the deluxe album (which I almost missed) is Champion featuring Chipmunk. Chris Brown offers his amazing vocal ability in this track, and it’s also one of the most catchy songs in the album.


Other songs like No Bullshit, Wet The Bed, Say It With Me, Up 2 You Bomb, Alll Back, Beautiful People, Beg For It and Love The Girls, and Paper Scissors and Rock reminds us that Chris Brown isn’t the same anymore. He definitely is old enough to make songs like these, but it doesn’t make him any less different from other hip-hop groups like Wiz Khalifa or Lil’ Wayne. One thing I love about CB’s old songs was the lack of explicit content. Well, I guess you don’t always get what you want, right? The songs listed in this paragraph ranged from okay to forgettable, and I hoped that some of those could’ve been improved more or deleted from the album.

Overall, CB’s new album is waaaaay better than Graffiti, but is still a tad behind his smash hits Exlcusive and Forever Deluxe. There were some tracks that could’ve been omitted from the list that made the album much better, but there are a lot more great tracks than the okay and the mediocre ones.

GRADE: 4/5


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