Topy’s Top 7 Songs for May 6-12, 2011

I apologize because my countdown’s a little late this week. I’ve been quite busy this summer (classes), but good thing I have 2 days of rest before I get tortured again. It’s my sister’s birthday so I’m waiting for the clock to strike 12 so I might as well just write my countdown now.

Same old, same old this week as Chris Brown and Big Bang dominated the replay button on my iPod. These two artists have been neck and neck for weeks now. Good thing I separate my top 7 US and K-pop songs, because it would be very hard for me to choose who among them I listened to the most this week.

Here’s the rest of the top 7


Twista and Chris Brown

 1.) Make A Movie – Twista and Chris Brown

Previous Position: #2

Probably the most underrated among new Chris Brown collaborations is this song. It’s actually one of the best songs that shows CB’s fantastic vocals.

2.) Price Tag – Jessie J ft. B.o.B.

Previous Position: #1

After being number 1 by default, Jessie J trades places with Twista and Chris Brown

3.) Count On Me / The Lazy Song – Bruno Mars

Previous Position: #5

4.) Roll Up – Wiz Khalifa

Previous Position: #3

This is the only Wiz Khalifa song I like; and frankly, it’s a nice song!

5.) Moment 4 Life – Nicki Minaj ft. Drake

Previous Position: #4

6.) Can’t Be Friends – Trey Songs

Previous Position: 2 Weeks at #6

7.) Judas – Lady Gaga

Previous Position: NEW ENTRY

Lady Gaga returns with Judas, though in my opinion her 2 latest songs aren’t as good as the ones in her first album. Even the unreleased song sung by Haley Reinhart on American Idol wasn’t that good.

Out of the Top 7:

Best Love Song


From the left: Daesung, Taeyang, T.O.P., G-Dragon, Seungri

1.) Love Song – Big Bang

Previous Position: 2 Weeks at #1

2.) Cafe – Big Bang

Previous Position: #3

3.) Before U Go – TVXQ

Previous Position: #2

After taking the crown two weeks ago, TVXQ is steadily stepping down from the top

4.) Bangkok City – Orange Caramel

Previous Position: #7

5.) Going Crazy – Song Ji Eun

Previous Position: 2 Weeks at #5

6.) 0330 – U-Kiss

Previous Position: NEW ENTRY

U-Kiss was among the very first groups that I hated. Months later, they’re in my countdown. Who would’ve thought?

7.) Twinkle Twinkle – Girl’s Day

Previous Position: #6

Out of the Top 7:


Previous Position:

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