Topy’s Top 7 Songs for May 13-19, 2011

We have a surprise winner in this week’s Kpop chart! Jay Park dominates the countdown with two songs fresh from his debut album Take a Deeper Look. Whew, you could almost feel the envy of his former label, JYP Entertainment

Everything else is pretty stagnant this week. There weren’t a lot of new American singles out, and yes, I was talking about the good ones.


1.) Price Tag – Jessie J feat. B.o.B.

Previous Position: #2

Jessie J makes another run for the top spot as she spends her fourth non-consecutive week at number one.

2.) Count On Me / The Lazy Song – Bruno Mars

Previous Position: #3

Here’s a cool lyric video for Bruno Mars’ Count on Me

3.) Make A Movie – Twista feat. Chris Brown

Previous Position: #1

4.) Roll Up – Wiz Khalifa

Previous Position: 2 Weeks at #4

5.) Rolling In The Deep – Adele

Previous Position: NEW ENTRY

6.) Judas – Lady Gaga

Previous Position: #7

7.) Move Your Body – Beyonce

Previous Position: NEW ENTRY

Out of The Top 7

Moment 4 Life

Can’t Be Friends


Music Video for Abandoned

Music Video for Tonight

1. Abandoned / TonightJay Park

Previous Position: NEW ENTRY

Jay Park in the HAUZ! He just knocked Big Bang out on my most replayed list. His album is probably the best of the year so far for me. The songs aren’t that epic, but the overall feel and sound of the whole album was outstanding!

2.) Love Song – Big Bang

Previous Position: #1

3.) Cafe – Big Bang

Previous Position: #2

Two Big Bang songs drop a notch each this week

4.) Shampoo – After School

Previous Position: NEW ENTRY

A good example of a Korean pop song. This is a ballad turned dance hit!

5.) Pinocchio – f(x)

Previous Position: NEW ENTRY

Another new entry is this one by f(x), whose label-mates range from TVXQ, Girls’ Generation, Super Junior, SHINee and BoA.

6.) Twinkle Twinkle – Girl’s Day

Previous Position: #7

7.) Mr. Taxi – Girls’ Generation

Previous Position: NEW ENTRY

Hoping to advance further to the Japanese market, SNSD releases this single, which features the 9 ladies wearing taxi-themed short shorts and hot leather tops. Yowzah! I’ll give you the video next week if you’re interested….pervert!


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