Box Office Predictions for May 20-23, 2011

The skies are clear for Johnny Depp to land safely to the number one spot; It will definitely earn more this week than all other movies combined. My concern though, is if people are still willing to give this franchise a fourth shot, considering At World’s End earned $100M less than Dead Man’s Chest.

Last Week’s Box Office Mojo Derby Rank: 94 (down 16 spots from last week) with 86.264% Accuracy (down 1.193%)

1.) PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN: ON STRANGER TIDES – $100M – Other movies were wise not to challenge this movie this week, but I’m a bit skeptical if this one still has a shot on earning more than $100M. The 3-D effect will definitely add some surplus, but I think sequel fatigue will play a major role this time around.

2.) Bridesmaids – $18.0M – Okay, I’m making a small risk by putting this one a notch above Thor, but we’ve already seen The Hangover‘s results in its second week. Since this one maintained its 90% Fresh Rating at Rotten Tomatoes, I guess we’ll see the same result for Bridesmaids. Heck, it could even earn more than $20M once again!

3.) Thor – $17.4M – Johnny Depp is gonna make Thor’s opening weekend look bad. In my opinion though, I’d pick new and fresh over yet another sequel. (but I’m still watching Pirates tomorrow).

4.) Fast Five – $12.0M – We’ve already had three blockbusters out this month, and this one has already eclipsed its predecessors. I guess it’s just all about delivering better sequels. Unfortunately, movies like Transformers and Shrek didn’t. Shrek 4 earned half its predecessor in it’s opening weekend and I won’t be surprised if Transformers: Dark Of The Moon will open below $100M in July.

5.) Priest – $6.6M – Expect a drop higher than 50% for Priest. No one will want to recommend this to their friends now that four movies above are continuing to make big runs.

6.) Rio – $5.3M – Animated films aren’t doing relatively well this year. Rio is the highest grosser so far, but it still hasn’t reached $150M yet.

7.) Jumping The Broom – $3.5M – Either Jumping The Broom or Something Borrowed will take this slot. They’ve been neck and neck ever since they went in theaters 2 weeks ago. Don’t blame me if I don’t get this one right…please?

Important Note: I won’t be doing the WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED LAST YEAR section anymore. It’s taking too much time from me and I’m still catching up on other things in life (like watching movies or studying). Anyway, thank you very much for reading my blog! Comments are greatly appreciated. Constructive, awful or great, it let’s me know that people actually want to read these type of information.


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