Box Office Predictions for June 3-5, 2011

Looks like June needs to step up a little bit to catch up from last year’s record-breaking performance. This week the top 12 hopes to be on par with the same weekend last year, when Twilight Saga: Eclipse and The Last Airbender stole money from the audience. Let’s break down the top 7!

Last Week’s Box Office Mojo Derby Rank: 129 (up 2 spots from last week) with 82.210% Accuracy (down 4.928%)

X-Men: First Class

1.) X-MEN: FIRST CLASS – $75.0M – The first film made $54M in its first weekend; the second and third earned significantly higher while Wolverine opened with $85.0M. I see another downward trend for this one, and it isn’t because of franchise fatigue. I actually have a more optimistic prediction for First Class. And even though less people will try to catch it in its first weekend, I feel like this will have a trend similar to the first movie and will end up matching the final numbers of X3: The Last Stand.

2.) The Hangover Part II – $39.8M – I sense a plus 50% drop for this one. Yeah, some people may have liked it, but I’m pretty sure word-of-mouth and front-loading will eventually affect this huge sequel. Who’s ready for part III?

3.) Kung Fu Panda 2 – $30.5M – A major disappointment in its first weekend. I’m pretty optimistic with this prediction too. But I can’t see why not as this will be the sole animated film in the top 10 at least until Cars 2 invades the cinemas.

4.) Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides – $18.9M – Being the fourth option for moviegoers does not bode well for this summer blockbuster. Hopefully a few more people will be eager to see Johnny Depp traversing through huge set pieces all over again.

5.) Bridesmaids – $12.0M – Hey, it went head-to-head against The Hangover last week and it still had the smallest drop among nationwide releases. This week will be just the same.

6.) Thor – $5.7M – And now we move on to the recurring characters in the top 10. Thor will end up earning a tad more than Clash of the Titans, but it’s way off from even getting near the final gross of the movie in 7th place which is…

7.) Fast Five – $3.8M – Booyah! When Thor beats you for 4 straight weeks but you still end up earning $50M more, that says a lot.


How say you? You think X-Men will earn more or less? Comment!


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