Box Office Predictions for September 9, 2011 (Contagion Spreads Worldwide)

HAHA! Don’t you just love it when the number one movie for the week is practically a giveaway? Now, thanks to Contagion I’ll have my winning streak extended to 5 already. Well, at least until uncertainty arrives once again next week.

Last Week’s Box Office Mojo Derby Rank: N/A with an N/A% accuracy

1.) CONTAGION – $22.0M – Looks like we’re still going to have an ultra-weak 9/11 weekend even if three new films will probably enter the top 7. The first one is this film, which I actually expected in the past to pass $30M easily. But now it seems early tracking projects this movie to earn just about $20M, pretty small for a star-studded thriller.

2.) WARRIOR – $11.5M – Oscar push will propel this movie above $10M, but I don’t see any chance of it winning Best Picture. But that’s just my bias.

3.) The Help – $11.2M – Not satisfied with the record it set last week, the Help will also have the highest grossing 5th weekend of the year with expected grosses of $10+M. And you know what? I think it even has a shot for second place!

4.) The Debt – $6.0M – The last time I saw a number four movie struggling to earn $6M was…ages ago.

5.) Rise of the Planet of the Apes – $5.2M – Five weeks inside the top 7 is a tough thing to achieve. Heck if this maintains its pace it could end its run just shy of $200M.

6.) Columbiana – $4.6M – This is the first movie I know since Avatar wherein Zoe Saldana is present. I have to admit she looks incredibly gorgeous in the posters, but the moviegoers say the content of the film is subpar.

7.) BUCKY LARSON: BORN TO BE A STAR – $4.1M – Let me get one thing straight: I absolutely have no idea how this movie will earn $4M, but heck, it has a lot of theaters this week.


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