Box Office Results: September 9-11 (Contagion Spreads, Warrior Lacks Punch)

After an unprecedented three-peat, The Help finally drops from the top spot as Contagion spreads worldwide. Though it seems less potent compared to other thrillers which have debuted during the 9/11 weekend.

In other news, the much hyped Warrior didn’t muster enough strength to knock out the movies at the top, while an adaptation from a Saturday Night Live sketch bombed in 15th place, 8 spots lower than what I actually predicted.

Number One Movie Predicted Correctly: 5 Weeks in a Row

Number of Times I Nailed the Top 7: 5

1.) CONTAGION – I don’t know how long this one will stay on top, but I guess it would be much easier for me if it rests here for a while. Why? The movie has lots of posters! (Uh, that’s it?). But it probably won’t as four new films vie for the top spot next week, including the highly anticipated Drive with Ryan Gosling which currently has an exceptional 95% Fresh rating on RT.

Predicted Outcome: Rank 1, $23.1M

Actual Gross: $22.0M

Total Gross: $23.1M


2.) The Help – With the combined star power of Matt Damon, Kate Winslet, Jude Law and Gwyneth Paltrow, Laurence Fishburne and Marion Cotillard, this one is finally evicted from the top. But now that I think about it, it’s a little weird that it only earned $20M+. The Help dropped a bigger-than-usual 40% this weekend.

Predicted Outcome: Rank 3, $11.2M

Actual Gross: $8.7M

Total Gross: $137.0M


3.) WARRIOR – The box office performance of Warrior disappointed me. Contagion was the only one which posted double digits this weekend, making this 9/11 weekend the worst so far in 2011 with only $66M. Ouch!

Predicted Outcome: Rank 2, $11.5M

Actual Gross: $5.6M

Total Gross: $5.6M


4.) The Debt – It dropped by 50% this week. Looks like people spent more time indoors and cared more about paying respects to the victims of the tragic event 10 years ago.

Predicted Outcome: Rank 4, $6.0M

Actual Gross: $4.9M

Total Gross: $22.0M


5.) Colombiana – I guess I’ll end up getting only 2 out of 7 right. Oddly enough, Colombiana performed better than Rise of the Planet of the Apes this week.

Predicted Outcome: Rank 6, $4.6M

Actual Gross: $4.0M

Total Gross: $29.8M


6.) Rise of the Planet of the Apes – No word yet from the studio regarding a sequel. Hmm, how did Green Lantern get a nod again?

Predicted Outcome: Rank 5, $5.2M

Actual Gross: $3.9M

Total Gross: $167.8M


7.) Shark Night 3D – In the end the less worse horror flick prevailed. Shark Night 3D bled by 58%, whilst Apollo 18 crashed by more than 66%.

Predicted Outcome: Rank N/A

Actual Gross: $3.5M

Total Gross: $14.8M


TOTAL SCORE: 2 out of 7, with a variance of $2.28571428M per prediction

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