Box Office Predictions for September 16-18, 2011

Nyaha! It turns out I have an extra few minutes to sneak in a quick prediction! I’m doing this fast not because I’m rushing, but because there’s not much to talk about for the week.

Estimated total grosses for the weekend should be abysmal, as no new film is on track to earn above $15M. Drive could do that, but I’d rather be conservative. The Lion King re-release should probably earn a few million as well.

1.) DRIVE – $13.0M – Ryan Gosling should have enough star power to hold off the ensemble of Contagion and the kingdom of Simba. The only problem is people aren’t usually eager to see movies like this in their opening weekends. Oscar buzz will help this one though.

2.) Contagion – $12.5M – It has an 83% fresh rating on RottenTomatoes. But most people I’ve talked to weren’t too impressed with this pandemic thriller, stating that the actors’ performances were great but the plot was a bit lacking. I can’t say anything though, I watched Zombadings instead of this last week!

3.) THE LION KING 3-D – $8.9M – Almost everyone at the derby followed suit when box office mojo released their preview for the weekend and predicted that it would win number one. I’ll stick with my first guess.

4.) STRAW DOGS – $8.4M – Another remake lacking buzz. I admit I have no idea what this film is all about. James Marsden stars in this film.

5.) I DON’T KNOW HOW SHE DOES IT – $8.1M – Sigh. These movies keep getting made but it’s out of our reach. It has a target demographic and it WILL earn, but not much

6.) The Help – $5.9M – It finally exits the top 5 after six weeks. It just crossed $140M in the US and it will accompany Bridesmaids as the most profitable movies of the year. Women empowerment!

7.) Warrior – $3.8M – I’m a little sad to see a Fresh movie earn less than what was expected of it, and early predictions weren’t even that high.


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