Box Office Predictions for September 23-25 (Brad Pitt Pitches For The Win)

I’ve been on a slump lately, getting only 1 of 7 and 2 of 7 spots right for the past two weeks. Think it gets better from here on out? Think again. Four new movies, plus three holdovers are so unpredictable it’s making my head hurt just thinking about it!

But my main goal for the week is to get the top spot correctly. It’s basically a match between Simba and Brad Pitt this week. But I think Brad will have the upper hand since a new family movie will be released.

Last Week’s Box Office Mojo Derby Rank: 272 (N/A) with a 66.316% (N/A%) accuracy

1.) MONEYBALL – $18.5M – Brad Pitt is in it to win it! It’s been a while since a sports drama last premiered in the big screen (The Blind Side), and even that one earned above $20M in its opening weekend. The only thing keeping this from doing so is its relatively low theater counts.

2.) The Lion King (in 3-D) – $17.5M – Here’s a fun fact. There are nineteen new movies all in all for the month of September, and it’s more than the number of movies which debuted in the past two months combined. However, those nineteen movies will only earn about half of what last month’s movies have earned. Booya!

3.) DOLPHIN TALE – $14.8M – I don’t understand why theater owners would want to have move screens for this movie that Brad’s Moneyball. I mean, sure it has a few great stars, but it’s not something that I’d want to see. If it manages to earn more than my prediction, I guess the theater count will be a big factor.

4.) ABDUCTION – $14.0M – I have a lot to say about this one. First of all, Taylor Lautner makes me bigorexic, and I’m a big fan of his but that doesn’t mean I consider him a great actor. Abduction is currently being panned at RottenTomatoes with an abysmal 8% rating. Some blame Lautner, some the plot, while others think the movie just keeps panning the camera to Lautner’s face. All these show that this won’t be the next Bourne franchise that people hoped it to be. Taylor’s off to a bad start, but he’s still got Stretch Armstrong. If he fails in that, his future will loom after Breaking Dawn ends. Too bad.

5.) KILLER ELITE – $10.0M – Jason Statham’s choice of acting roles prevents me from taking him too seriously. We’ll always see him wield a gun. And frankly, I’m getting a little tired of that. He’s got a solid fanbase though.

6.) Contagion – $8.8M – Hey look, 5 movies will reach double digits this week! The post-Summer slump is finally over!

7.) Drive – $7.1M – I’m hoping that this one gets released here in the Philippines. I wanna see it before awards season begins. Wouldn’t want to miss a critically acclaimed movie, would we?


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