Box Office Results: October 21-23, 2011 (Paranormal 3 Breaks Records!)

Hey guys! MEGA MOVIE MARATHON has already begun! Have you seen my review for Ninja Assassin already? What did you think? Anyway, I’m back with the box office results after a month-long hiatus. It’s the semestral break and I finally have more time for my blog! Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to send in my box office predictions for the week, so I guess I’ll just give you the results.

Number One Movie Predicted Correctly: 0 Weeks in a Row (but I expected PA3 to win)

Number of Times I Nailed the Top 7: 5

1.) PARANORMAL ACTIVITY 3 – Not only did this movie hit number one and end the box office drought of the fall season, it also broke THREE different records. It now holds the record for the largest opening weekend ever for a horror movie, for the found footage genre and for the month of October. Not bad for a third outing eh? Oh, and it already earned TEN TIMES ITS ESTIMATED BUDGET. Now that’s the financial success story of the year!

Actual Gross: $54.0M

Total Gross: $54.0M


2.) Real Steel – People have been giving mixed reviews for this one, to the point that its rating over at Rotten Tomatoes have been fluctuating from Fresh to Rotten for the past few days. But clearly word-of-mouth has been great because it only dropped 30% in its third weekend.

Actual Gross: $11.3M

Total Gross: $67.2M


3.) Footloose – Another movie with a strong hold. But both failed to get big numbers in their respective opening weekends so I guess it’s only considered as a consolation if they hold well.

Actual Gross: $10.8M

Total Gross: $30.9M

4.) THE THREE MUSKETEERS – Of course, a great box office weekend wouldn’t be complete without a bust or a bomb. In this case, this film fits the role as the swashbuckling film which stars Orlando Bloom, Milla Jovovich and Logan Lermann failed to click with the audiences with a paltry $8.8M, which is even lower than the Summit Entertainment’s conservative expectations.

Actual Gross: $8.8M

Total Gross: $8.8M


5.) The Ides Of March – It’s not much of a financial success, and its reviews aren’t glowing, but I can say that this movie has achieved what was expected of it.

Actual Gross: $4.9M

Total Gross: $29.1M


6.) Dolphin Tale – Five weeks and it’s still in the top 7.

Actual Gross: $4.2M

Total Gross: $64.4M


7.) Moneyball – Brad Pitt managed to fend off Rowan Atkinson’s Johnny English Reborn from entering the top seven. The big difference between the two is that this one opened five weeks ago, and it still won.

Actual Gross: $4.0M

Total Gross: $63.7M



Total Weekend Gross: $110M, down $9M from the same weekend last year


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