238th Movie Review: Blade Runner (1982 Remastered) [MMM Day 3]

Another cult classic I didn’t really enjoy

Is there something wrong with me? I’m becoming notorious for thinking that cult classics are overrated. First it was the Godfather franchise, now this? I don’t know about you guys, but I just wasn’t feeling this one.

Blade Runner is set in Los Angeles circa 2019, a period when human-like androids called “Replicants”, which served as servants for the humans in their off-world colonizations, became illegal in Earth due to some of them becoming rogue. A group of detectives called “Blade Runners” are the ones assigned to chase down these replicants to “retire” them. A former blade runner, Rick Deckard (Harrison Ford), is called back to aid the police in killing them. Although he hunts them to the end, the replicants end up teaching the detached Deckard what it really means to be human.

Director Ridley Scott’s depiction of the then-distant future features a highly urbanized city with advanced technology, intense pollution and overpopulation. Come to think about it, that’s exactly what I believe will happen soon. I guess that’s what they also thought of back in the 80’s.

While its effects were considered amazing during the time it was first released, I thought that the setting wasn’t introduced very well and I’ve had a little trouble finding out what’s going on when Harrison finds a clue regarding the Replicants. I actually had to check out the plot sypnosis for this movie because I really didn’t what they were doing when I finished it. On paper the story was definitely nice, but the delivery wasn’t.

Still, the film delivers in some areas. The Acting was definitely outstanding, notably the replicants played by Sean Young, Rutger Hauer, Daryl Hannah. The first one is my favorite, as Young made the replicant look classy and emotionless yet you could still feel life inside her. I wasn’t particularly wowed by Harrison Ford’s performance, though he sure looked great 29 years ago.

I have to admit the movve was dull and it sometimes felt very draggy. It’s a weird movie but ingenious at the same time. I would’ve liked the film a little more, but I just didn’t get it. Maybe it’s the genre (Neo-noir isn’t exactly my favorite), or maybe I didn’t watch it in the right time or the right mood. I don’t know, but as far as I’m concerned, its another classic which I consider as overrated. You could try it out if you’re willing, but I don’t recommend it.


I Agreed with The Minority

Rotten Tomatoes: 92% Fresh, 8.5/10 Critic Rating

Internet Movie Database: 8.3/10 User Rating, IMDB #120 Top Film of All Time

Metacritic: 88/100


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