240th Movie Review: The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2 [MMM Day 5]

A mere continuation of a mediocre story.

Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2 is an outrageously fast-paced movie. The story moves too fast that even the girls move on too quickly. Nevertheless, this guilty pleasure still has some good stuff in it.

From Rotten Tomatoes:

The 2008 sequel to the female buddy film constitutes an adaptation of Ann Brashares’ novel Forever in Blue: The Fourth Summer of the Sisterhood. Like the premier installment, this picture explores the seriocomic events that unfold one summer in the lives of four temporarily estranged friends as an extremely special pair of jeans works its way from one girl to the next. In one subplot, Lena (Alexis Bledel) travels to Providence, RI, and enrolls in a painting course; in another, Bridget (Blake Lively) embarks on an archaeological excavation in Greece; in a third, Carmen (America Ferrera) works on the backstage crew for a Vermont-based theater festival; and in the fourth, Tibby remains in New York and enrolls in summer courses. Sanaa Hamri, best
known for her Prince and Mariah Carey music videos, directs.

Let me rank the storylines from best to worst. My favorite was Carmen’s. Although it wasn’t believable (now that I think about it…this IS a movie), it was the one that was the most interesting in my opinion. Also, America Ferrera delivered a great performance that the others just couldn’t match. Second is Lena’s story. The dilemma of finding the person you really love isn’t new or anything, but her greek roots add a bit of a twist (I didn’t want to admit this, but her cute sister was a big reason for my decision). In third place is Bridget’s, albeit her character is so unrealistic (Are you really supposed to hold a fossil like that?) it’s verging on stupidity. My least fave was Tibby’s, not that it was bad or unreal. In fact, it’s the most realistic out of the lot, but it was bland and unappealing.

My opinion clearly shows how the most “truthful” things don’t really interest people. We want to be distracted by the illusion of the theatrical performance so that we could get away from reality. Life could become so boring
to the point that you’ll have to watch something you usually don’t. That’s why I’m not afraid to tell the world that
I watch movies like these. It’s a guilty pleasure and no doubt other straight males have watched this and found it at least bearable to watch.

This sequel isn’t spectacular, just like its predecessor. But if you feel a little bored and are up for a squeaky clean movie starring four young budding actresses, try this one out. But in my opinion one movie’s enough, as you might get tired of watching two very similar films.


I Agreed With The MAJORITY

Rotten Tomatoes: 65% Fresh, 6.0/10 Critic Rating

Internet Movie Database: 6.1/10 User Rating

Metacritic: 63/100


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