243rd Movie Review: A Walk To Remember

A little too PG to be taken seriously

A story centered on a bad guy turned good and an old-fashioned, conservative, soft-spoken girl? Not exactly the most exciting pairing, but I guess you can say that A Walk to Remember is the epitome of a Nicholas Sparks adaptation – a movie that was almost alright, but not quite.

Let me give you some info about the plot. Landon Carter (Shane West) is a cocky high school student hanging out with the cool kids over at Beaufort High School. He gets sentenced to community service when a student becomes paralyzed during a hazing incident schemed by him and his peers. He’s also forced to participate in his school’s drama club, which ultimately leads him to seek help from Jamie Sullivan (Mandy Moore), the daughter of the town’s Baptist minister. At first Carter decides to conceal his interactions with Jamie to the public, fearing that he may be seen by his friends and be criticized. However, after the school play he falls in love with her, and he begins to change his perception of things around him. He loses his popularity to be with her in public, but problems arise once again when he discovers a secret that Jamie’s been hiding for years.

Save for the squeaky-clean dialogue, the overprotective dad and the outrageous make-up of Shane West, the movie actually looks nice. On paper, a man’s unending love for a dying woman really is romantic, but the execution was so bad that nothing came out interesting enough for me to get emotionally attached to the characters. And it doesn’t help that the lead actors didn’t have chemistry. Although it was her acting debut, I can’t help but notice how dreadful Moore’s acting was during the scenes where we were supposed to be teary-eyed and all that. Heck, the only time I felt that way was when Landon hugged his father. West wasn’t any better either, though he certainly looks the part.

Don’t get me wrong, I didn’t like the film… but it wasn’t that bad. There just wasn’t anything that could’ve made me care more about the story. I don’t know how different Nicholas Sparks’ books are with the movies, but if I were to choose between watching a movie based on one of her books and reading the actual book, I’d pick the latter.


I Agreed With the MAJORITY

Rotten Tomatoes: 27% Fresh, 4.1/10 Critic Rating

Internet Movie Database: 7.1/10 User Rating

Metacritic: 35/100


3 thoughts on “243rd Movie Review: A Walk To Remember

  1. I have to disagree with you. It was not too PG. There are still some people who don’t have sex before marriage and enjoy movies that convey that concept.


    1. I respect your opinion. But to clear things up let me just say that it was me who thought that it was too PG, I wasn’t trying to generalize the movie. And I wasn’t talking about sex either, just the actions/dialogue of the characters.

      Thanks for the comment though!

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