Box Office Results: November 25-27, 2011 [TWILIGHT FENDS OFF MUPPETS]

Why is it that I always nail the right numbers for Twilight? For the second week in a row, I end up just a couple of million short of the actual gross of Breaking Dawn. The film also managed to hold off three new movies to claim the top spot for the second straight time, albeit lagging behind New Moon once again.

Number One Movie Predicted Correctly: 2 Weeks in a Row

Number of Times I Nailed the Top 7: 5

#1 MOVIE THIS WEEK – The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn (2nd Week) – You’ve already seen the faces of R. Patz and K. Stew four times in my blog, but what can I do? It’s not like I can put The Muppets there. Fortunately, I see The Muppets pulling off a Blind Side next week, with Breaking Dawn slipping to second place. déjà vu

Predicted Gross: Rank 1, $40M /Actual Gross: $42.0M (booyah!)

Total Gross: $221.3M


#2 – THE MUPPETS (1st Week) – I’d really like to congratulate the marketing team of Disney for doing an awesome job of making The Muppets reboot look fun and enjoyable. Weeks of aggressive ads and parodies paid off as the film already outgrossed all but one of the Muppets movies in its first five days.

Predicted Gross: Rank 2, $36.5M /Actual Gross: $29.5M

Total Gross: $42.0M


#3 – Happy Feet Two (2nd Week) – I was right when I said that Happy Feet wouldn’t be able to follow Puss In Boots’ footsteps. The animated film dropped by 37% in week 2 and is now lagging the original movie by more than $50M. Not good. Not good at all.

Predicted Gross: Rank 3, $18.2M /Actual Gross: $13.4M

Total Gross: $43.7M


#4 – ARTHUR CHRISTMAS (1st Week) – I suddenly realized that I was very bullish with most of my predictions.  It seemed that Wednesday/Thursday had a bigger share in the week’s grosses than I had expected. The film has a respectable 91% Fresh Rating over at RT and I’m a bit sad that people didn’t notice this as much as Happy Feet.

Predicted Gross: Rank 4, $16.3M /Actual Gross: $12.7M

Total Gross: $17.0M

#5 – HUGO (1st Week) – Well, look at that! Martin Scorsese’s 3D adventure did exactly what I said it wouldn’t. It entered the top five, grossed more than $10M and defeated the three holdovers which I declared would take the last three spots in the top 7. Way to go Hugo!

Predicted Gross: Rank 8, $8.5M /Actual Gross: $11.3M

Total Gross: $15.3M


#6 – Jack and Jill (3rd Week) – Fell only by 12.3% in its third week, probably the only good thing that occurred to this film.

Predicted Gross: Rank 7, $9.8M /Actual Gross: $10.3M

Total Gross: $57.4M


#7 – Immortals (3rd Week) – This movie has a similar budget to Jack and Jill, the only difference is that this one has earned $11M more.

Predicted Gross: Rank 6, $10.0M /Actual Gross: $8.8M

Total Gross: $68.6M


TOTAL SCORE: 4 out of 7, with a variance of $3.1286 per prediction

Total Weekend Gross: $162.9M, down $18M from the same weekend last year (when Deathly Hallows Part 1 stayed on top)


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