Box Office Results: December 2-4, 2011 [Twilight Twi-peats]

My, oh, my. The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn may not be able to match the final gross of New Moon, but it has etched its name in the record books by being the only movie in the franchise to hold at #1 for the third week in a row. Weeks ago I went into a slump due to my never-ending incorrect predictions for the top movie. Now I’ve hit the right mark three straight times. Thank you, Breaking Dawn, for indirectly helping me get my mojo back. But sorry, I’m still not inclined to watch you.

Number One Movie Predicted Correctly: 3 Weeks in a Row

Number of Times I Nailed the Top 7: 5

#1 MOVIE THIS WEEK – The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1 (3rd Week) – Yep, same old story here, only that BD finished better than New Moon and Eclipse in its third week. It won’t crack $300M though, but I believe that the final film of the franchise will be the biggest.

Predicted Gross: Rank 1, $15.2M /Actual Gross: $16.9M (-59.5%)

Total Gross: $247.3M


#2 – The Muppets (2nd Week) – Yowch! To think that this critically acclaimed film would actually perform worse than Breaking Dawn! I already knew that this film won’t end up at the top, but I never expected it to be heavily frontloaded! People should go and catch this before it’s too late. It’s 96% Fresh for Pete’s sake!

Predicted Gross: Rank 2, $14.8M /Actual Gross: $11.2M (-61.7%)

Total Gross: $56.1M


#3 – Hugo (2nd Week) – As expected, Hugo rises from #5 to #3 this weekend. It didn’t earn more though, despite having more theaters than before. Nevertheless, it’s poised to hold on well over the holiday season and it’s getting some buzz too with Scorsese being pitched in among the nominees for Best Director.

Predicted Gross: Rank 3, $7.8M /Actual Gross: $7.6M (-32.9%)

Total Gross: $25.2M


#4 – Arthur Christmas (2nd Week) – I should have switched this one with Happy Feet Two. I was fooled by Arthur’s poor performance over the weekdays.

Predicted Gross: Rank 5, $6.5M /Actual Gross: $7.3M (-39.1%)

Total Gross: $25.3M


#5 – Happy Feet Two (3rd Week) – So far the sequel has earned 43% of what the original had at this point. Looks like its the end of another franchise.

Predicted Gross: Rank 4, $6.6M /Actual Gross: $6.0M (-55.2%)

Total Gross: $51.8M


#6 – Jack and Jill (4th Week) – Jack didn’t fall down this week as the film holds on at #6

Predicted Gross: Rank 7, $4.9M /Actual Gross: $5.5M (-45.0%)

Total Gross: $64.3M


#7 – The Descendants – The film is the first limited-release of the year to reach $10M in 12 days and right now it’s prepping for a full-scale nationwide release next week.

Predicted Gross: Rank 6, $6.5M /Actual Gross: $5.2M (-29.2%)

Total Gross: $18.1M


In other box office news, NC-17 film Shame starring Michael Fassbender had a very strong opening in just 10 theaters with $361,000. That’s $36,100 per theater!

TOTAL SCORE: 3 out of 7, with a variance of $1.2571428 per prediction (all-time high)

Total Weekend Gross: $80M, down $6M from the same weekend last year (when Tangled climbed to the top of the charts)


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