252nd-254th Movie Reviews in a Nutshell: Cast Away, Green Lantern, A Little Thing Called Love (Valentine’s Special)

Hey everyone! As promised, here are my previous movie reviews pre-Hunger Games. Unfortunately, I won’t be able to make full reviews for each of them because of time constraints. I have three more reviews in a nutshell coming up, but for now here are the first three.

First up, CAST AWAY (2000)

Tom Hanks delivers one of his best performances I’ve ever seen as a survivor of a FedEx plane crash and lone inhabitant of an island somewhere in the Pacific. It was a very convincing effort by him as he makes his pain, suffering and happiness felt all throughout the film. His actions are enticing and it makes you want to know what he does next. Hanks brought the film from start to finish and capped the movie off with a very fulfilling ending. Props to him and also director Robert Zemeckis!



Here’s a situation from the movie: Hal sees alien… no reaction. Everything that occurs around him seems nothing out of the ordinary. The whole movie was unemotional and unfunny. In addition to that, the way it was adapted was very cheesy and had a dull character progression. Overall it’s just an average, generic film which belongs to the bottom half of superhero tier.



Though the story is rather interesting, it’s a very flawed movie bombarded with some very unrealistic moments. It’s unintentionally funny; but unlike Segunda Mano, it was amusing rather than disgusting. Pimchanok Lerwisetpibol and Mario Maurer both are alluring, and are probably the only cast members who kept the movie from falling apart, because aside from them everyone else acted ridiculously. The ending also looked rushed. In general, A Little Thing Called Love is a unique, yet average romantic movie.



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