255th, 256th and 258th Movie Reviews (In a Nutshell): Catch Me If You Can, Hotel For Dogs, District 13 – Ultimatum

Hey everyone! As promised, here are the three other movie reviews I accrued in the past few months. Enjoy!

Catch Me If You Can (2002)

Catch Me If You Can is an Intelligent, well-written film further intensified by its two leads, Leonardo DiCaprio and Tom Hanks. But while based on a true story, I found it to be too unrealistic. Nevertheless they did a good job in keeping me intrigued the whole way. DiCaprio and Hanks’ acting were so convincing that you don’t doubt their character’s ability to influence and persuade others with their charisma. The film a tad too long, but altogether it was wrapped up nicely.


Hotel For Dogs (2009)

I have to say, the dogs really did a good job! No seriously, they’re probably the only reason why I watched this all the way to the end. The story was ridiculous, the acting (the humans btw, save Emma Roberts and Jake T. Austin) was unbearable, and the movie altogether felt contrived. It had a predictable ending, which actually made the film even worse as everything ended up just looking stupid.

As much as I tried not judging the film because of what it is, I just thought it seemed too unreal. Even if you remove the dogs, there are a lot of things that shouldn’t even be possible, so no, I’m not giving the movie a pass. I can’t believe Lisa Kudrow and Don Cheadle signed up for this. I’m not a dog-person, so I really can’t recommend this to anyone except people who are. But if you’re interested, then my only tip for you is to lower your expectations.


District 13 – Ultimatum (2009)

Exhilarating action and fantastic set pieces propel this otherwise flawed film

I was really surprised with District 13: Ultimatum. I rarely watch foreign films but this one managed to break my stereotyping. With its exhilarating action, energized stunt moves and strategic location, I can’t help but be sucked into the story and the setting. The one thing that pulled this one down was the third act of the film where the movie couldn’t really find room to breathe and the story broke down. I was disappointed with the ending since the build-up was fantastic, but despite the film’s wrongdoings it still deserves a good grade for a good effort.

Grade: B-


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