260th Mini-Movie Review: La Vita e Bella (Life Is Beautiful) (1997)

Part 1- dreadful and boring; Part II – beautiful and interesting

Life Is Beautiful was charming, and the setting of the movie was indeed beautiful, but I wasn’t a fan of Roberto Benigni’s choice of direction and neither did he move me with his lead performance.

To be fair, I wasn’t aware of what the film was about (or at least I couldn’t recall it) when I saw it. The first hour wasn’t really that interesting and to be honest I found it quite boring. That’s why when the second act came along it caught me by surprise when all of a sudden they were at a concentration camp. I felt the strong bond between Guido, Dora and their son Giosue, whom I actually liked the best.

Overall, the movie is a tough one to rate. The cast didn’t really wow me, though there were definitely times when I worried about what will happen to them. Some of the tragic moments felt rushed or ineffective, but otherwise the film was technically decent. If the first part was cut to half, I would’ve probably liked the film a lot more.



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