262 and 263rd Movie Reviews in a Nutshell: Les Miserables [1998]; Mamma Mia [2008]

Les Miserables

A game of wits that starts with a bang but ends with a thud

Superb performances by Geoffrey Rush and Liam Neeson as the antagonist and the protagonist as they propel this drama forward in similar fashion to Catch Me If You Can. This is probably Neeson’s best acting. Uma Thurman and Claire Danes had strong performances as well.

However, I was never really interested with the love stories. And the ending..not what I was expecting. I was slightly disappointed since the tension and the build-up was fantastic. And seeing it end that way it just felt rushed and it seemed like they just bailed out. The rest of the film was still solid though.


 Mamma Mia

Bad singing, horrible acting, terrible movie

For the record,  I watched this out of curiosity. I was not interested in Abba and nor was I thrilled to listen to the actors sing their karaoke renditions so I’m just going to say it: this movie was terrible.

The songs in itself was not my thing, but even if you take that out the film still has lots of problems. The story was senseless and stupid, the whole cast had embarrassing performances and the movie just seemed like one big train-wreck. Also, I can’t say I liked her performance, but seeing Meryl Streep in a different way felt fresh and that in itself is the only highlight of the film.

Mamma Mia was simply shameful. It was all very karaoke…and not in a fun way. I could imagine other people liking this type of film, so I think that my view is just relative. It’s just not my cup of tea.


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