SUMMER MOVIE MARATHON RECAP PART II – Schindler’s List, Swordfish, Temptation Island

Rating #273 – Schindler’s List

A decent but tiresome world war story from a businessman’s perspective 

While not exactly Liam Neeson’s finest film, Schindler’s List was still able to garner my interest by having a different persona experience the overused world war setting. The decision to turn the picture into black and while definitely blended well with the setting and made the movie look older than it actually was. This film, although quite contrived, showed that not all Germans were in favor of the unjust and cruel actions of their own army. I also liked how they wrapped the film up despite it getting tiresome due to its extremely long running time. But still I found the second part to be better than the first.


Rating #274 – Swordfish

Unrealistic yet entertaining

A movie about a hacker doesn’t really pique much interest, but Hugh Jackman and John Travolta made it seem so exciting. Both were awesome and also Halle Berry, but Don Cheadle’s performance was ho-hum here. Unfortunately, with its unrealistic plot and boring ending, Swordfish won’t get past being a 90-minute time killer that will surely entertain many but will also be forgotten after a while.


Rating #275 – Temptation Island

Temping, but not enticing enough

Beyond doubt it’s very quotable, but this movie suffers so much from such an inflexible plot that as soon as you take note of all them you’re left with nothing. “Rubadub dub, two bitches in a tub.” one says. The dialogue is so bad that it’s good! Whoever came up with those very bitchy lines must really be awarded. Unfortunately, after a few quips it gets tiresome. And for a movie that’s titled ‘Temptation Island’, they were really desperate in getting the characters enticed and it really turned me off.



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