SUMMER MOVIE MARATHON RECAP PART IV (2012 MOVIES!) – MIB 3, Journey 2, Snow White and the Huntsman

Took a break but I’m back with my Summer Movie Marathon Recap! Part IV includes movies released in 2012 but I was a bit late in posting, so instead I just gave a recap for them. Check them out!

#280 – Men In Black 3

Brings light back to what was once a dimming franchise

            Despite a script that can’t be taken seriously and some cheesy dialogues here and there, MIB3 had enough moments to guarantee a good time for me and my relatives. It also had a nice ending which held everything in place. Kudos to Will Smith and Josh Brolin for a job well done. And yeah, Smith looks younger.


#281 – Journey 2 – The Mysterious Island

Great visuals, but that’s pretty much it

            Journey 2 was quick to the draw and didn’t even bother to discuss further what happened between the sequel and the original. But good choice for them as no one would’ve cared anyway. Dwayne Johnson is being typecast as the go-to guy for sequels, but nevertheless he was quite good with his role replacing Brendan Fraser. The film did its best to appeal to many and it got me interested for a while.  Sadly, as the movie went on it just got outright boring and monotonous. I wanted to like the whole film, but thanks to the second half I really couldn’t.


#282 – Snow White and the Huntsman

Relies too much on visuals and its concept that it forgets the story altogether

          For a fairy tale, this film takes itself waaaay too seriously. There was little comic relief and the scenes were very gloomy most of the time. Snow White wasn’t cheerful to watch as well. I blame the direction, or the lack thereof, for making the film so confusing. While it offered an unsuspecting twist to the beloved Snow, the movie merely offered a hint of what it could’ve been had they livened the mood a bit or added a few happy characters. I didn’t even care about the cast at all. To be honest, the main actors were pretty decent with their roles, but it’s hard to separate Stewart and Hemsworth from Bella and Thor. In general, the film wasn’t really boring, it just wasn’t entertaining enough.




And I’m back with the recaps! Seven movies to go! Expect a change in my format of writing next time though.

#276 – Valkyrie

Stellar performances send this WW epic to the skies

            This film is an exhilarating historical thriller which sent my heart racing! Although it’s not the best war pic, the performances of Tom Cruise, Bill Nighy and Christian Berkel entertained me from start to finish. Much like Schindler’s List, this movie showed us a glimpse of the World War from a different perspective and detached the glorious Germany from their once great leader, Adolf Hitler.


#277 – The Karate Kid (2011)

I had my reservations, but it turned out surprisingly good

          For starters, this film should’ve been called ‘The Kung-Fu Kid’, and the “jacket on, jacket off” scene took so long. But aside from those two I had no other problems as the movie turned out to be highly enjoyable and well-acted. I was able to connect with Jaden Smith and Jackie Chan’s characters, and for a rookie actor Jaden was quite convincing. All the pieces just fit together for me.


#278 – The King’s Speech

Undeniably good, but The Social Network still should have won best picture

          Ah, I don’t even remember how long I loathed this film for defeating The Social Network! I admit that that was still stuck in my mind when I finally saw this, and that might have raised my expectations a bit. That said, let me say that Colin Firth was indeed worthy of his Oscar. But I still think that the movie didn’t deserve an Academy award. Yes, it’s inspiring, but other than that there’s not much to praise other than the ability of the writers to find a way to make it a complete film. Still, I’ll probably like this film more than The Hurt Locker, which I also think stole the Oscar from Avatar.


#279 – The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring (2001)

A fellowship of epic proportions

          This introductory tale is one of the biggest films I’ve seen, and that will probably never change. I find it amazing how director Peter Jackson was able to compact a story so humongous in size in just 200-minutes, and it didn’t even feel like it was that long. It’s rare to find epic films like these with almost zero flaws, and I guess that’s the reason why people love it so much. The casting is amazing as well as the cast themselves, though I really found Everard and Paradrin so annoying here. Oh, and Boromir reminds me of Ned Stark.