285th Movie Review: Sex Is Zero


An unexpected performance by Ji Won saves this rather unusual Korean flick

This would make more sense if you’ve seen Ha Ji Won in a Korean drama or movie. Her character here is, well, a slut. But everyone knows she’s anything but. Now, this wouldn’t be remarkable if it were some other actress, but this is Ha Ji Won, an A-lister! If you want to know more about her, you can try watching dramas like Secret Garden and King 2 Hearts, you’d love her there for sure.

Now, about the film. It has a very weird story, and the scenes felt very disjointed. I don’t know if this was because of the language barrier, but it got distracting as the movie progressed. The first half was better, particularly because the former had more jokes and gags in it. It got boring when transformed into a drama towards the end.

          Sex Is Zero excelled in making me laugh but when the jokes ended, it lost its momentum. But still, getting Ha Ji Won to star here was the best decision the director made. And honestly, that’s the only reason why I didn’t find the film totally awful.



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