286th Movie Review: Sex Is Zero 2

Yet another surprising performance by the female lead makes this series mildly entertaining

            Let me get this straight, this one was better than the original…albeit by just a slight margin. The main reason being there were less drama here and more gags, which made scenes livelier and consistently entertaining.

            Lead actor Chang Jung Lim isn’t a total loser here, bagging a girlfriend played by Song Ji Hyo, another great actress who I wouldn’t have even imagined taking part of a movie like this. And although the jokes were totally recycled, it wound up being even funnier due to its familiarity. I sensed more chemistry between the two leads this time around, something I found missing while Ha Ji Won was still present (although she did have a cameo early on). The film pressed the right buttons, thanks to a less disjointed storyline and a likeable cast.



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