288th Movie Review: The Amazing Spider-Man

The reboot constructs a sturdy web that will pave the way for future installments

Fresh and nostalgic at the same time, The Amazing Spider-Man provides a visual upgrade and a sweet cast to ensure a successful reboot for our web-slinging hero.

In fact, I’ll even say that this film cleared things up for me and improved my knowledge about Parker and the setting more than the last three combined! Taking the story back to his high school days was a smart move. The plot was very easy to follow and is friendly to those unfamiliar with the guy in a unitard. Peter himself is more likable. Andrew Garfield does an outstanding job replacing Tobey Maguire, and his love interest Emma Stone (Gwen Stacy) brought in her own charm as well. I’m extremely happy with the way director Marc Webb (500 Days of Summer) revitalized the franchise. The only problem now is how he’ll be able to outdo himself and wow audiences once more.



2 thoughts on “288th Movie Review: The Amazing Spider-Man

    1. My guess is that they’ll keep making ’em as long as people go out and see them. While I like this particular Spidey film a lot, I feel that there’s some other script or story that’s much more worthy of getting a green light…so there should be a change in the future if they overdo it.

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