Movie Review #293: The Bourne Legacy

A confusing spin-off involving less action and a whole lot of talking

This is what happens when high expectations aren’t met. The idea of seeing a Hollywood film shot in your home country is without a doubt exciting. But when the execution is subpar and the story shows absolutely no direction, it’s absolutely hard not to feel disappointed.

What’s worse is that it actually made me think it was going to be great because the film got better as it went on, with Alex Cross (Jeremy Renner) slowly but surely working his way towards discovering the true identity of the group he’s part of. However that soon came to a halt when the story had nowhere else to go, which resulted into an abrupt trip to Manila, Philippines.

While I love the setting (pardon me for being biased), I just didn’t find myself enjoying the story all that much. It didn’t help that Edward Norton felt isolated in an office while directing orders to his officers thousands of miles away. In fact, he didn’t even do anything aside from that. There was no escalation of intensity watching him getting stressed out.

Surprisingly, Legacy also didn’t excel in the area I thought the movie would be so good at, action. There were mediocre (if there was even any), close-combat action scenes. It felt more of a drama than an action film with all the talking going on. The first half was definitely better. The latter had some thrills here and there, especially that intense car chase at the end, but other than that it was just boring. And the ending, man it was horrible.

The film was okay overall but they could’ve done so much better. Obviously the director [Tony Gilroy] (who wrote the screenplay for the first three) wasn’t fit for the job…or better yet, maybe they shouldn’t have rebooted the franchise that quickly in the first place.



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