Movie Review #295 & #296: Daybreakers, Batman Begins

Here are two very short reviews for ya (under 70 words apiece)


Stands out from other Vampire inspired films with a dark tale and bloody premise

I had little or no expectations coming into Daybreakers, a vampire-themed movie that actually sets itself apart from similar incarnations of bloodsuckers through its simple yet mildly compelling story. Ethan Hawke did well in the film; his performance added a sense of realism to a rather bizarre plot. If you’re bored and are eager to catch something different, here’s a mild treat for you.


Batman Begins

Nolan shows us exactly how superhero movies should be made

This is one of the best examples of a superhero film that makes a legitimate attempt at bringing a comic book character realistically into the world. Although its successors have undeniably surpassed it, I believe Batman Begins deserves some credit for giving the masked caper a strong reboot. It’s quite lacking in terms of intense action or a strong villain, but it was still very entertaining and highly enjoyable.



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