Movie Review #298: White (2011)

An extremely slow film you can sleep on (or laugh at)

For those unfamiliar with this Korean film, here’s a brief synopsis from

Girl group “Pink Dolls” is always pushed into the background by other popular idols. When the girls release their new song “White” – a remake from unknown origins they become instant sensations. The four members of “Pink Dolls” include Eun-Joo, a former break dancer, Je-ni, a singer insecure with hitting high notes, Ah-Rang, a singer addicted to plastic surgery, and Sin-Ji who can’t sing, but is good at rapping and singing. As the group becomes more and more popular, jealousy and competitiveness increases as all the girls tries to become the lead singer. But, when a member becomes the lead singer that person falls victim to a horrible accident, and one by one they die. Eun-Joo then realizes that the song “White” is cursed and she attempts to reveal the secret

            The only thing which kept me awake during this horror film was by laughing at the cheap tactics and other distortions made to deceive you into believing it was scary. White is a painstakingly dull movie made worse by poor acting – including the film’s lead, Ham Eunjung (of K-Pop group T-ara). The truth is, nothing here will frighten you except for a couple of scenes where jump scares can be found. And White’s climax can’t even be considered as one since it’s just like every other scene. It’s only saving grace I guess is its story which despite its bad execution was intriguing. It’s not a movie I’d want to see again and I definitely don’t recommend others to see it either.



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