Movie Review #310: Hugo [12 Reviews Before X-Mas #8]

A magical journey from a director with an unbelievable passion

So far my favorite film among the 2011 Best Picture nominees is Hugo, Martin Scorsese’s ode to filmmaking that offers a brief glimpse of the history of cinema. Every minute of it shows his love and passion for films and the way it’s made is as sincere as it can be and not even the slightest bit forced.

Hugo sends a powerful message to the new generation of moviegoers. It reminds us where the movies we enjoy today originated and how early filmmakers were able to win the hearts of audiences by pushing the boundaries with every release. This component is what makes the whole movie even more special. And while the story wasn’t too deep, it was greatly amplified by the performance of its cast, particularly Ben Kingsley and Chloe Moretz. The technical awards they won during the Academy awards were well-deserved too. Overall it’s simply a wonderful film people of different ages will adore.



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