Movie Review #311: Shame [12 Reviews Before X-Mas #9]

Aside from Fassbender, there’s nothing else here to see

It’s not porn, it’s a movie about an uncontrollable addiction! But it might as well have been for that NC-17 rating doesn’t lie. And like I said earlier, except for Michael Fassbender’s performance (no pun intended), Shame is nothing but a shower: a tiny disappointment.

Inasmuch as it’s well-made it’s also disturbing. And unfortunately, the latter overtook the former. I credit the film’s ability to be thought-provoking, making big risks by being realistic  and controversial that only few would be comfortable to talk about it in public. The film’s score was also a saving grace, helping in setting up the pace of the story; a bit slow for my taste but nevertheless acceptable. I would’ve given this film a higher grade, but as far as my enjoyment was concerned I was barely entertained.



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