Movie Review #313: Looper [12 Reviews Before X-Mas #11]

A thought-provoking, genre-defying piece of work that’s extremely brilliant, yet I found difficult to enjoy

Rarely do I find films so remarkably done and well-acted and with great action, but didn’t enjoy that much. Looper is one of those and while I admire and appreciate director Rian Johnson’s piece of work, looking back I couldn’t quite reach a consensus that I enjoyed it as much as I expected.

While the movie presents the same version of technology we’re seen in bigger-budget films, the visual effects were greatly complemented by how the lead characters were able to utilize it. This is probably Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s best performance yet. And his make-up was well-done and really made him look like the younger version of Bruce Willis, who was quite solid in his acting here too. The thing which maybe drew me back though was the final 20 minutes, where the pace was considerably slower and the story became isolated in a single area. The scenes there I found quite disturbing, but at least I found the ending nice, and gave closure to the plot which most sci-fi films almost never provides (except those with sequels which are excusable).



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