Movie Review #321: Sucker Punch

Behind the over-the-top special effects, you have to ask…does this even make sense?

Let me say this from the get-go: Sucker Punch is a visual treat. The camerawork and the visual effects, especially the backgrounds were very impressive and the female leads were no doubt eye candy (Jamie Chung, Vanessa Hudgens…. and okay Emily Browning). Sadly, those aren’t enough to make a good movie this time around.

In fact, the ones I stated above were the only nice things that came out of it. The film was so bad I had to check my database to see when was the last time I saw a film as equally horrible as this. And the answer was way back in 2009, when Cop Out and Knight and Day were released.What’s worse is that I tend to forgive most action blockbusters because the effects alone entertained me a lot.  But for Sucker Punch, despite the unique theme, it was just too slow and too dull to be enjoyable. The awful soundtrack hurt it a lot as well. But if it’s any consolation, at least the end credits were great. Not that it matters after you see the film.


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