Movie Review #322: The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part II

Alas, the saga finally ends…and it’s…actually good?

The franchise you love to hate but you just can’t stop talking about has ultimately come to a close (at least until someone reboots it next decade), and it sure is the best out of the five. Breaking Dawn Part II is arguably the most interesting, effects-laden, and least boring Twilight film ever. But no matter how many people say that, quality-wise it still doesn’t come close to matching the epic conclusions of franchises like Harry Potter and Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy. But that also translates to the quality of the source material, so I won’t dig much further in that aspect.

Having watched all films, I’d say the actors’ performances hadn’t really changed much through the years except probably Kristen Stewart, who despite Bella turning into a vampire ironically doesn’t seem as lifeless as before. The addition of new characters did the film a huge favor as we get to be entertained by new powers and special effects. But you’ll notice it the most during the best moment of the whole saga: its final act. The fast-paced, bloodless but brutal battle between the Volturi and the Cullens & Co., greatly anticipated by most Twi-hards did not disappoint. Action buffs will be impressed and it astonishes me that the film got away with a PG rating with that awesome killing spree. Surely that scene was the biggest reason why people liked it since it was the last thing they remembered. It felt like Summit Entertainment was giving back after ripping off fans for the past five years. So there you go, a good Twilight film. Something that should’ve existed since the film adaptation’s incarnation, not just the conclusion.



2 thoughts on “Movie Review #322: The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part II

    1. Yeah it’s pretty much useless to argue against them. I won’t say it’s one of the worst but there are definitely a lot more better quality films than Breaking Dawn..

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