Movie Review #325: John Carter

An underrated blockbuster

I had my reservations going into the film, and I wasn’t really impressed by the first few minutes. But my oh my John Carter grew on me as time flew by as I realized it’s actually a well-done, well-thought of sci-fi epic.

If only Disney had earned at least most the money they had spent on this, because they deserved it. It would seem that the $200M budget was inexcusable (and it is), but watching the film you’d understand where all the money went to. The CGI was fantastic and the other aliens felt very humanlike that they were able to make it believable a la Avatar. The setting and the back-stories of the entities in Mars and beyond were well introduced especially the green-skinned Tharks. And the actors themselves were decent in their roles, particularly Taylor Kitcsh. But while the film takes three steps forward, they also move one step back. There is chemistry between the characters and they’re certainly likeable, but some of the dialogue seemed like it came from a teenage romance novel. There are definitely cheesy moments, but they’re forgivable. The film also benefits from its plot which involves a lot of twists and turns. And as much as there were things I didn’t like, the ones I did like definitely outweighed it. I had my doubts, but by the end it became pretty clear that John Carter is a notch above the rest.



2 thoughts on “Movie Review #325: John Carter

  1. I thought “John Carter” was unfairly judged as well, and suffered from poor marketing more than anything else.

    Considering “Battleship” cost as much, had the same lead, had a good marketing push,and had an awful story to boot, I still don’t understand why this film keeps getting listed as one of the biggest bombs of the year and “Battleship” gets no press.

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