Movie Review #326: Cloud Atlas

Pushing creativity and innovation to its limits

It must have been a headache to execute, but Cloud Atlas is a remarkable achievement in multi-director film-making. It’s a movie you won’t stop talking (or learning) about for quite a long time as it poses some very complicated yet interesting story arcs that keeps you glued to your seat from start to finish, despite the long screening time.

Whatever way you watch it, you have to pay attention all the time or else you’ll suffer headaches ’til the end. But certainly all the information you gathered will be worth it and you’ll end up leaving satisfied. And fortunately, the actors pulled off some very difficult roles as they switch genders, races, and faces. You won’t even feel the slightest bit of uneasiness when you see Halle Berry and Tom Hanks in different moments in time. Other noteworthy cast members include Ben Whishaw and Bae Doo Na. And I credit the ones responsible for the visual effects which streamlined the plot and made the time shifts more believable. But as customary of highly ambitious films, it has the tendency to drag or include too much unnecessary scenes. Some storylines weren’t interesting, but it didn’t hold the film back that much. Overall it’s just a well-directed, underrated sci-fi flick.



4 thoughts on “Movie Review #326: Cloud Atlas

  1. I know – I think Times Magazine named it ‘Worst Film Of 2013’. What? How, just how is a film like this the worst?

    Read the book before the film – both are now my favorites 🙂

      1. I actually only barely caught it in Cinemas – one day,it was in 3 cinemas and I said to myself, OK, I’ll watch it tomorrow. Tomorrow came and all of a sudden, NONE of the cinemas had it anymore. After months of waiting for it, it stopped showing in all the local cinemas, I was so pissed!! Luckily I found *one single* cinema that was showing a midnight show, and I went there just in time haha. I was very relieved 😀

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