Movie Review #328: Rise of the Guardians

Simply good quality entertainment

DreamWorks has already proven their ability to challenge Pixar with regard to producing high quality animated features. And while it might not be the best in terms of story, animation or even the characters, Rise of the Guardians still is a highly-enjoyable, feel-good movie that will give you good vibes all day long.

A tinge of childish fantasy allowed the film to suppress the seriousness and give way for a livelier and more cheerful tone. The effects were also fun to watch and I felt that the way each character (Jack Frost, Santa, Sandman, Toothfairy, Easter Bunny) showcased their abilities gave them a lot of distinction and made me appreciate them more. But aside from Frost, the rest are far from becoming my favorite animated characters. Somehow there just wasn’t enough emotional attachment between me and them as compared to Wreck-it-Ralph, Nemo, Blu, and even Wall-E. Still, it’s a no-brainer to watch and I’d recommend it to anyone, anytime.



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