Movie Review #333: Marley and Me

Realistic and emotionally powerful

Life has its up and downs and so does “Marley and Me”. It’s inconsistently interesting and emotionally contrived, but somehow Marley got to me. I’m not exactly a dog-lover but I loved how the movie realistically portrayed the strong relationship of humans and their canine pals. The story isn’t cliché at all and it made me tear at least a couple of times. But like I said with realism comes dull moments as there were about 10 minutes of boring scenes; not really a huge setback but it was noticeable at least. It’s a sweet movie with a sweet cast (Owen Wilson, Jennifer Aniston and of course, Marley), and I’d recommend that you go see it with your family over a long holiday.


One thought on “Movie Review #333: Marley and Me

  1. Good review.

    Some quick side stories. We adopted a boxer whose name is Marley at the same time this movie came out, so everyone thought we named her after the film. Second story, it is very difficult to get a film permit to shoot at Miami International Airport. The film only had one day there to shoot. The scene is supposed to be a rainy day at the arrival pick-up area. Looking through the windshield all you see is sunlight and people walking casually in shorts.

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