Movie Review #337: Amour

Incredibly slow-paced and effectively disturbing

Amour is a story of love, but most importantly a story of patience. You will not appreciate the movie if you find deliberately slow pacing unbearable. Unfortunately, that was the case for me. I hated the times when there was nothing substantial going on in the movie and the director intentionally inserts silent moments of the camera staring at paintings or the setting, which didn’t interest me at all. The plot, despite its simplicity was actually difficult to absorb. I felt forced to know more about the characters because their stories aren’t exactly something you’d want to learn – not because they were boring, but because you already know what lies in their future. The process of death is by no means easy to witness, especially when it’s caused by old age or illness. And I can’t say I was moved by the story either, as I felt it was ineffectively played out so long when you could actually cut the film by an hour.

What I don’t seem to understand is how people can love a film that’s painful to watch, because almost all the films which had a similar intention I disliked, but at the very least I still respect them. I think it depends on whether you think your utility from entertainment can also increase by a movie that’s made to be unbearable. I get the point of Michael Haneke’s direction and pacing, but it’s not something I enjoyed and I have the same feeling for the entire movie as well.



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