Movie Review #338: Moonrise Kingdom

The weirdest combination of art, romance and comedy all in in one package

My first experience of a Wes Anderson film and I can already distinguish his idiosyncratic way of filmmaking from other established directors. Moonrise Kingdom is a surreal tale of two young lovers who compel you into following them in their quirky, cute, yet slightly-disturbing journey. Both Jared Gilman (Sam) and Kara Hayward (Suzy), two relative unknowns, delivered good performances. Bruce Willis (Captain Sharp) was among my favorites from the adult cast. The art direction was really superb and the screenplay top notch. The story didn’t really win me over, but I guess the overall presentation of the film was entertaining enough to convince me it was a good film. I don’t know if I’d embrace these types of movies more in the future, but for now the peculiarity of it all is its favorite quality of mine.



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